Your Diamond Brilliance

it’s a giant wide-open field of opportunity
so many paths
so many obstacles
the road signs mostly shrouded now
yesterday’s map faded and worn

still you dream your future
you always have
you know who you are:
gentle, nurturing, giving
independent, capable, assertive
hungry for a room of your own

you know what you need
what would deplete you entirely
what would leave you hungry for more
invisible, demoralized

you carry your grandmothers’ genes
those which registered traditional femininity only
those which expanded the definition to claim it all
those which tend spirit and earth and child,
which heal, create beauty, meaning
those which build, produce, direct, yield hard profit

so feed the dreams that sustain you
that infuse you with confidence and joy
keep moving towards them
even without the map

because what you have is better than the old map,
the old road signs
better than those who think they know what you need

you have those who know that you know yourself best
those who honour your talents, your gifts,
what you are capable of

keep these in your life
they are worth more than any map
in helping you persevere through the hard work it takes
to realize your vision
they are mirrors that reflect the sun
and warm you, showcase your diamond brilliance
they help weave dreams that fit like a glove