Diamonds at Core

We are, you and I, and you and you, at our centre,
Older than coal, older than earth’s first plants, perhaps older than time,
formed deep, deep in the earth, in darkness, in scorching temperatures,
in killing pressure,
then pushed to the surface by volcanic forces
and seen as powerful, multi-hued, giant sprays of light,
star stuff, fireworks.

We are not, as you may have come to believe, radioactive at our core,
dangerous and in need of neutralization, unseating.
Rather, we can, if we wait, eat the radioactivity, the darkness all around, the toxic, scorching heat, and transform them into large bright sprays pure of light and love and fiery brilliance.

That’s the diamond divine at our core,
the miracle of life.fireworks3



7 thoughts on “Diamonds at Core

  1. . . . and the marvel and mystery of participating awareness, though just for a ‘moment’ ! Thanks, Connie, for the stimulating reflection.

  2. Beautiful metaphor and reminds me of an interview I saw long ago with Maya Angelou, . She was asked how she explained her proliferous career — she gave the analogy of the intense stresses and pressures that work to form diamonds . . . . . .To be sure, we are all diamonds in the rough. And strangely it is not the best of times that “make” us; but rather the the sorrows, the losses, the intense struggles through which, in each one, beauty is born. .

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