What Can Happen in a Second?

What can happen in a second? You can take a risk, and be glad you did. You can go from searing pain to locking eyes with your newborn and never be the same again. You can set aside your anger and shame and go to that meeting and meet someone who will last the rest of your life. You can learn you have cancer. You can learn you are in remission. You can decide to make contact with the stranger who happens to know something of your experience and end up forging a wonderful friendship. You can permit fear to paralyze you and make the biggest mistake of your life and almost lose everything. You can forgive yourself. You can let go, or hang on. You can reject, or embrace. You can argue, or listen. You can put on pause your racing mind and legs, and for a moment feel deeply alive. You can give, and you can receive. You can remember to breathe, and be surprised and see clearly and swim in gratitude and love.

6 thoughts on “What Can Happen in a Second?

    • Thanks Ike. Choice, sometimes, but I think what I’m getting at too is how quickly things can change, how random things are too… And how sometimes we think we’re stuck in something forever, and then suddenly we’re not.

  1. “…from searing pain to locking eyes with your newborn and never be the same again.” A great line Connie and I thank you for it and for the idea of which this line is such a profound expression. I will be cogitating on this for a while and will need to follow up.

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