Five AM Tea

The soft dark velvet of sleep out of reach, I become ever more conscious with each breath. Conscious of the heart-break our friends are tolerating and trying to make sense of right now. Cancer. Conscious of the terror it strikes in me. Conscious of my uncharacteristically racing brain—I’m sensitive to my environment and am at the moment surrounded by physical chaos and to-do lists.

Breathing it in, and out, letting it flow through me. An hour later, I’m still breathing, letting it flow through me, calm, but fully alert.

It’s 5 AM. The moon is dark. It seems as good a time as any to make some address changes, pick away at the to-do list, have a cup of tea, give thanks for the moment.

Because this moment, whether exceedingly happy, or heart-breaking, or simply (as most are) somewhere tolerably in between, is, after all, all we ever have. This moment, this day, the next step.

5 thoughts on “Five AM Tea

  1. Thank you for taking from your precious time – at this very busy point of transition moving and house hunting , living in and out of boxes – to share some of you moments with us. . . . . “5 a.m. Tea”. I understand it completely . . . reading your piece reminded me of the many 5 a.m.’s I awoke having to find ( and still do ) a way to dig myself out of the hollow hole I’d find myself in upon awakening . . . .I gradually learned – before even getting out of bed – to breath and to pray . That is what I do now. And it works to center me and keep me in the moment. – 🙂

    • Veronica, Kathy, thanks for reading, and making yourself heard. Writers (for all that they just need to say what they need to say) wouldn’t bother if nobody ever listened and let them know. 🙂 Here’s to staying in the moment together.

  2. I have almost lost some sleep thinking of how to reply to the beauty of the “soft dark velvet” writing style of your experience. Heartfelt thanks. Ray

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