A Different Kind of Trip

Last night, inhaling humid, warm, exotic tropical air, watching cotton dresses all around me ripple in the wind as I waited at Café Des Amis for my friend, I felt joy. I know it’s not what happens to you that matters, but rather who you become through what has happened, but still: I continue to struggle against what has happened, against my new vulnerability.

But I’m gone to embrace and honor the vulnerability that took up residence in me eighteen months ago, to swim and be alone by the ocean for a week. To honor and embrace my new self, but also to honor and embrace and absorb the strength of the ocean and the sun, and to allow it to fortify me.

My daughter captured it perfectly with these words she sent me yesterday as I said bon voyage (I didn’t know she was a poet!), and I ate them, and am doing exactly as she suggested.

“Swim deep, surface when you’re ready for oxygen

Let the earth support your body,

let the sun kiss your insides

Feel the power of the swell,

Together you are one.”

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