Love and Life, Orchids and Dandelions

We are orchids, she and I. Easily overwhelmed by too much water or direct sunlight. To thrive, to achieve our goals, we must remember to focus on what is possible rather than on what is not possible. To keep our Qi flowing, we must take care not to repress our emotions. When conditions are right, we rebound well, and will outlast many others. We’re thoughtful and creative and notice details. We will understand and accept your foibles and fears like others often can’t. 

The infinitely more robust dandelions don’t usually understand us, and may not have a lot of patience with our need to build greenhouses for ourselves in winter.

I know this, but I forget sometimes.

And then: misunderstanding, feeling overlooked, tension, a silencing hand held up, a door closed in my face. It frightens me not to be let in, to be disconnected from someone I love, to be silenced. But I discover I’m okay outside the locked door after all, that it’s nice out, that I’m hardier now at mid-life than I might’ve once been. That there are all kinds of trails to take, that the trees will listen.

The primal energy of the ocean beckons. Soon, I will swim, swim, swim.



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